Alloy Integrity Inspection Services Inc.

Company Profile

Alloy Integrity Inc., is established by a group of professionals with diversified  experience in Oil and Gas and energy industry. For our diverse clients, the company has specific expertise to accomplish all types of complex and technically demanding  industrial requirements related to inspection of static equipment, piping and procured material

Alloy Integrity inspection services provide QA/QC, Third Party Inspection, Vendor Inspection, Maintenance inspection, shutdown inspection, in-service inspection, and  EPC projects QA/QC for various industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power generation, and mining

We have very experienced and diversified team of professional engineers and inspectors with the required industry certification to meet our clients requirements.

Improving customer satisfaction and continued service improvement are being continuously addressed.

Inspection Services include

  • In-service, Maintenance, and shutdown inspection

  • Internal and External Inspection of static equipment and piping (if accessible)
  • QA/QC inspection of EPC-Engineering, Procurement and construction projects
  • Repair and Alteration inspection
  • Installation Inspection
  • vendor Inspection and Audit
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Fabrication inspection
  • Welding inspection
  • Painting, coating and lining inspection
  • Corrosion monitoring inspection
  • NDT services

Engineering services include

  • scope of work creation for maintenance, repair, alteration, installation, and procurement
  • Material and Reliability engineering support to our clients
  • Engineering support during all phases of inspection
  • Prepare/Review Material Requisition, Inspection Assignment Packages, Turnover packages, Shop data dossier, and Job files
  • ABSA Quality Manual and corporate Quality Manual preparation
  • Technical reports review/prepare for vendor audit, and regulatory bodies including ABSA (AB-83, AB-40, AB-10 etc).
  •  plant In-service,  internal  and external inspection report preparation with detail description of degradation mechanism and engineering recommendation

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