Alloy integrity inspection services inc. specialized in QA/QC, Vendor inspection, In-service inspection, and  Maintenance inspection. Our highly qualified and experienced team help our clients to achieve their inspection, and reliability engineering goals in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power generation industries. We offer  inspection support during Plant Shutdown, Maintenance, Repair, Alteration, EPC, and Material procurement. Our Vendor Inspection department is fully capable of providing the expertise at various stages of  Vendor Inspection including Vendor Surveillance and Audits. We also have a dedicated team of inspectors for In-Service Atmospheric Tank inspection. Our  highly qualified and experienced team has performed inspection of various tanks with different designs and capacities.

Alloy integrity Inspection and Engineering services provide support to various clients in North America. Our aim is to meet the customer requirement by  helping them to achieve their goals in a timely manner and within the budget. Our experts are trained and qualified to make it possible without compromising quality or safety.

We have highly skilled and experienced inspectors  with API, CWB, AWS, National Board,  NACE, CGSB, ABSA,  ASNT and ISO certifications.

Our certified Professional Engineers dedicated to  provide  material and reliability engineering support to our clients and  assist our inspection team at various stages of inspection. Our engineers and inspectors are committed to meet customer requirements by working as a team.

For our diverse clients from various industries, we have specific expertise to meet the requirements.

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Alloy Integrity inspection services QA/QC, Vendor inspection, in-service inspection, third party inspection and maintenance inspection

Alloy Integrity inspection services Inc.